With almost 30 years of experience in the professional tattooing business, Eric Eye brings and expert eye for detail to the restorative tattoo field. Starting with  the initial consultation and throughout the tattoo procedure itself, every measure is taken to ensure precise results tailored to each individual. This is not cosmetic tattoo, but a 3-Dimensional appearing tattoo that recreates the tone, texture and shape of the natural nipple and areola.

  • post-surgical permanent restoration of nipple and areola

  • 3-Dimensional appearing, realistic and natural results

  • phone, email or in person consultation at no charge

  • private accommodations



“I’m a breast surgeon at Swedish Cancer Institute, and I was enormously impressed by the quality of Eric Eye’s 3D nipple tattooing for a post-mastectomy patient of my colleague’s.” Dr. Shannon Tierney, Swedish Cancer Institute
Eric sets a new level of quality for pigment restoration tattooing to the Pacific Northwest with his professionalism and artistry.
I am still in awe of how realistic my new tattoo looks!! It’s really amazing and I’m so glad Dr. Miles recommended you!!
This is the first time since my surgery almost ten years ago that I feel good looking at my breast. It’s a transformation in many ways. You are fabulous and the vibe in your place is cool.
I am soooo happy with the tattoo, it is incredibly realistic …. I absolutely love it! What a difference it makes physically and emotionally. Your work is extraordinary and I appreciate you providing a much needed service for women with breast cancer. Thank you so much!
He explained the whole process as I’ve never had a tattoo before. He was very thoughtful, and the work was amazing! They look so real, all the way down to the little bumps that he drew! I love it, and I feel whole! Thank you Eric!!!


Eric Eye has been a professional tattoo artist since 1990, with detailed realism and portraiture as a speciality. This specialization lead to a focus on restorative tattoo, in particular nipple and areola reproduction for breast cancer survivors.

"My significant other went through a double prophylactic mastectomy with reconstruction shortly before we met. Knowing that she had travelled across the country to get this quality of naturally realistic tattoo work seemed like one more unnecessary hurdle for her. Having seen firsthand what a huge difference it made for her, I decided to specialize in this here in Seattle."


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RTA Welcome

This video provides a quick overview of the restorative tattoo process. Special thanks to Paulet for being kind enough to allow our session to be filmed